Intimidation According to the Schedule: Russian Authorities Send out “Warnings” Before the Day of Crimean Tatar National Flag

24 / 06 / 2021

This information comes from the “Crimean Solidarity.”

For example, this is the kind of warning that was sent to a Crimean Tatar Rolan Osmanov


This document informs that several “public events are not approved by the state authorities, which aim to destabilize the social-political situation during the events, dedicated to the Day of Crimean Tatar Flag.” 

The occupying authorities and the Russia-controlled prosecutor’s office of Crimea believe that Osmanov is allegedly planning to organize “unapproved public events and participate in them while involving an unknown number of people.” Therefore, occupants warn Osmanov against “breaking the law.” 

Russian authorities also believe that a call to participate in events dedicated to the Day of Crimean Tatar National Flag goes against the “Doctrine on informational security of Russia” and constitutes a threat to the Russian national security. 

“A conscious call to participate in the abovementioned event … creates a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation,” – says the warning.  

In case of disobedience, the Russian prosecutor’s office threatens to “bring [participants of the public event – ed.] to justice according to the law.” 

According to “Crimean Solidarity,” a similar document has been delivered to a resident of Simferopol, Elmaz Akimova. 

As we informed earlier, the occupying authority of Crimea repeatedly intimidates Crimean Tatar activists before significant dates by sending them “warnings.”


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