What the new regulation on the payment for utilities services introduces: clarification by CrimeaSOS lawyers 

12 / 01 / 2024

On December 29, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted amendments to the resolution on the payment for utilities services during martial law. 

CrimeaSOS lawyers explained which categories of citizens the introduced changes apply to and what is important to consider when paying for utilities services.

Who the introduced changes apply to? 

  • residents of territorial communities where hostilities are taking place;
  • residents of temporarily occupied territories;
  • citizens whose property was damaged as a result of hostilities. 

The following actions are prohibited in respect of the above-mentioned categories of citizens: 

  1. accrual and collection of penalties (fines), inflation charges, annual interest accrued on debts incurred for late and/or incomplete payment for utilities services;
  2. termination/suspension of the provision of utilities services in case of non-payment or partial payment.

According to the CrimeaSOS lawyers, there is a ban on the collection of utilities arrears from internally displaced persons (IDPs), which occurred after February 24, 2022. That is, utilities companies are prohibited from charging fees and collecting arrears for the services, which occurred after February 24, 2022, from the date of beginning to the date of completion of the temporary occupation of territories included in the list of territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by russia

Please note that all the above-mentioned prohibitions are valid on the condition that the utility provider is informed about such cases. 

In order to confirm the fact that you have left your place of residence, it is necessary to provide the providers of utilities services or the manager of an apartment building with an IDP certificate (in paper or electronic form) or other documents confirming your absence from the premises or building. 

Lawyers also note that the government has made changes to the regulation on payment for services for centralized water supply and drainage. Consumers have the right to non-payment for services in case of non-use during a temporary absence from the residential premises for more than 30 calendar days.  

For this, it is necessary to submit a statement and documentary confirmation (in paper or electronic form). If the temporary absence exceeds 6 months, it is necessary to submit an updated application and documentary confirmation of the absence within a month from the end of each six-month period. 

Possible examples of documentary confirmation (in particular, received in a foreign country):

  • certificate from the place of temporary residence;
  • certificate from the place of work or study;
  • certificate from the place of serving the sentence;
  • certificate from the place of treatment;
  • certificate from the place of military service; 
  • another document confirming the right to leave Ukraine or enter Ukraine in the relevant period of time. 

In case of additional questions, please contact the CrimeaSOS legal hotline at numbers +380952775355, +380630771619 or +380962240123. Our specialists accept calls on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00. You can also send a request by email help@krymsos.com. 


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