Overview of the situation in Crimea. February 2024  

12 / 03 / 2024
  • Ukrainian forces destroy two russian warships;  
  • At least 35 Crimeans are killed in the fighting;  
  • The occupiers continue to prosecute for anti-Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian views;  
  • New measures of repression against lawyers, defense lawyers and Muslim communities took place: lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was detained, and two administrative reports were drawn up against activist Lutfiye Zudiyeva;  
  • russia added the Crimean Tatar Resource Center to the list of “undesirable” organizations;  
  • A “court” in Crimea sentenced Yevhen Shved to 2.5 years in prison because of a post in Telegram;  
  • Yaroslav Zhuk told new details of his torture. It became known that prisoners were beaten during their transfer from Simferopol to russia;  
  • The Mission of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea created an interactive map with places of detention of Crimean political prisoners;  
  • Crimean political prisoners, including Irina Danilovich and Seitveli Seitabdiev, continue to be held in poor conditions;  
  • Yevhen Karakashev was released after serving his illegal imprisonment;  
  • The occupiers plan to take some of the animals from the Askania-Nova reserve to Crimea;  
  • Health problems of political prisoners: Iryna Danilovych is practically deprived of access to medicines, and Server Mustafayev complains of vision problems.  


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