Russian law enforcement officers in Crimea killed a citizen of Uzbekistan during the assault operation in Simferopol 

19 / 05 / 2021

The information comes from the legal defender Isliam Veliliaev via “Crimean Solidarity.” 

As we informed earlier, that same morning, Russian FSB officers searched the house of Aiub (Nabi) Rakhimov in the village of Zavitne of Sovetskyy region of Crimea. 

As Russian officers told Isliam Veliliaev, Rakhimov had allegedly attempted to resist the detainment during the assault operation. 

“Based on account of the police, this citizen of Uzbekistan attempted to resist the police and therefore was shot. I did not witness this. That is based on their words. He had allegedly had a weapon and shot back. He had allegedly had a grenade RGD. But we do not know for sure. Hafarov Seidamet, an owner of the house, has come here. He was taken [by police]. I overheard that a criminal investigation under article 317 (an attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer – ed.) has started. They are going to conduct a pre-investigative check on the house owner. He will need legal help, which I will provide when I meet him,” – said Isliam Veliliaev. 

An activist from “Crimean Solidarity,” Raul Dittan, informed that according to the account of neighbors, the police assault on the house started around 6 to 6:30 am. 

“They heard booming sounds that are similar to sounds of shots and explosions. Nobody was allowed near the house, neither the media nor the lawyer. They were allowed in when the investigative actions were completed. In the end, we came into the house and saw bloody prints, pools of blood. All things were crumpled and put in one spot. According to the police, this person resisted… Around 2 pm, a vehicle of ceremonial services has arrived at the house,” – says the activist. 

Dittan also claims he witnessed the detainment of Seidamet Hafarov by officers from the investigative committee of Russia. Seidamet Hafarov is the owner of the house where Rakhimov was shot. Officers put Hafarov in a car and took him away. 

As “Crimean Solidarity” informs, the house of Hafarov in the Ak-Mechet district of Simferopol has been searched as well. 

The Ukrainian Officer of the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has already started an investigation of illegal searches in Crimea on May 11th. 


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