CrimeaSOS: students in Crimea are forced to sign conscription notices in exchange for passing exams

6 / 07 / 2023

Students of universities in the occupied Crimea are forced to sign conscription notices for the ranks of the russian army, being blackmailed with exam results. CrimeaSOS learned about this from anonymous sources.

According to available information, employees of the university of occupied Simferopol told one of the students that he would be able to pass exams only after signing the conscription notice. Due to pressure, the young man had to agree to the terms.

Such cases are not isolated. As CrimeaSOS learned, other students of draft age also received “offers”. Conversations are held privately so that the situation is not publicized.

During the nine years of occupation of Crimea, russia conducted 17 illegal conscription companies on the peninsula. The last conscription to the occupation army started on April 1, 2023. On April 11, the State Duma of the russian federation adopted the bill on the register of conscripts in three readings at a time. It tightens control over the population of conscription age in the occupied territories, practically eliminating the possibility of avoiding criminal conscription into the ranks of the occupying army.


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