CrimeaSOS held a lecture “Residents of Crimea – human shield of the occupiers” for students

22 / 02 / 2023

On February 22, CrimeaSOS held an online lecture “Residents of Crimea – human shield of the occupiers” for students and teachers of the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies. CrimeaSOS analyst Yevhenii Yaroshenko spoke about russian crimes and propaganda on the occupied peninsula.

“The occupation authorities, as a rule, keep silent about almost all cases of explosions on the territory of the peninsula. Air raid sirens are not usually used in Crimea. russian propaganda ‘washes the brains’ and says that nothing threatens Crimea. Therefore, when there is an explosion, the residents of Crimea do not know what is happening: whether it is a hit or the work of air defence”,– said Yevhenii Yaroshenko.

There were cases when after the missiles were launched, people ran away from the beach, because they did not know whether it was a hit or a launch. However, at least three cases could not be concealed:

The audience of the lecture learned about how russia turned Crimea into a bridgehead for invading mainland Ukraine, fabricated criminal cases against the disloyal population, oppressed the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages, and committed other crimes.
You may find out more about the crimes of russians in Crimea in the article following the link. You may also view the illustrations of the U(CRIME)A art project about their consequences and resistance to the invaders on the peninsula.


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