CrimeaSOS: Iryna Danylovych announced a hunger strike until “the start of treatment or biological death”

22 / 03 / 2023

Citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych, imprisoned by the occupiers, announced a dry hunger strike until “the start of treatment or biological death”. Oleksii Tilnenko, Head of the Board of CrimeaSOS, told us about this.

CrimeaSOS received a letter from Iryna Danylovych, which refers to the deterioration of her health and the beginning of a dry hunger strike from March 21, 2023.

“In her letter, Iryna Danylovych suggests that her symptoms may indicate a microstroke. Despite the deterioration of her condition, the journalist has not yet received professional medical assistance. In connection with this, Iryna Danylovych announced a dry hunger strike “from March 21, 23… until the moment of organizing her diagnostics and start of treatment, or until the moment of her biological death”, – Oleksii Tilnenko said.

You may read the full text of the letter below:

I bring to your attention that for 4 months I have been having impaired hearing and a constant ringing in my left ear, which brings me unbearable torment. While moving from Simferopol to Feodosia, my condition worsens. These symptoms may indicate a microstroke.

The judge of the city court of Feodosia N.V. Kumenska is aware about my health condition since November 30, 2022, as well as the acting head of the pre-trial detention centre V.A. Kharchenko, the head of the medical-sanitary department-91 I.M. Tsarkov; all this time, I have not been able to obtain an examination and medical assistance in the pre-trial detention centre.

It is impossible for me to review the audio materials of the criminal case in this condition. In connection with this, since March 21, 2023, I refuse to review them. I am ready to continue the review immediately after recovery.

Ignoring my illness, constant transportation from Simferopol to Feodosia, not providing medical assistance is inhumane, contrary to all principles of humanity and can be equated to torture!

I demand to stop abusing me, and I declare a dry hunger strike from March 21, 2023 08:00 a.m. until I am diagnosed and the treatment is started, or until my biological death.

March 21, 2023 We shall remind you that on March 21, CrimeaSOS learned that Iryna Danylovych lost consciousness during transportation to the occupation Feodosia city court. Despite the fact that her state of health was rapidly deteriorating, the Simferopol pre-trial detention centre issued documents on the absence of medical obstacles for transportation.


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