With paint and knife: vandals damaged the art object “Underground dead end” by NGO “CrimeaSOS” 

19 / 05 / 2021

 Unknown people painted graffiti (pictures and swear words) on the walls of the underground walkway near the European square in Kyiv. This walkway had previously been turned into an art object. 

The most astonishing is the fact that somebody damaged the informational plaque near the entrance to the walkway. In particular, somebody tried to rip it off the wall.  

The plaque was damaged with a knife. 


The QR-code that links people to stories of the Crimean political prisoners was damaged as well. 

Despite the damages, the QR-code is still working and can be successfully scanned. 

According to one of the coordinator of NGO “CrimeaSOS,” Mila Shevchenko, our team will restore the “Underground dead end” and continue creating similar art objects. 

As we informed earlier, the “Underground dead end” has been officially presented on February 8th, 2021. A Georgian artist, David Kukhalashvili, turned the underground walkway in downtown Kyiv into a “prison hallway.” The goal was to let people feel the atmosphere of imprisonment that became habitual for Crimean political prisoners of Russia. Russian authorities use fabricated charges of terrorism, extremism, and espionage to persecute the Ukrainian political prisoners. They still live in inhumane conditions in places of detainment in Crimea and Russia. 


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