For Christians’ Purposes: The Occupying Authority in Simferopol Takes Away the Land from the Muslim Cemetery

16 / 03 / 2021

The information comes from the deputy head of the Crimean Tatars, Majlis Nariman Dzhelial.

He has also posted a video that, according to Dzhelial, shows a fence that surrounds the captured territory. 

“The new, although not completely constructed, fence will separate, according to various sources, from 3 to 7 hectares of land of the Muslim cemetery in favor of the neighboring Christian cemetery”, wrote Nariman Dzelial.

He also reminded that in Autumn of 2020, the occupying authority of Simferopol stated there was a deficit of space on the Christian part of the cemetery. Back then, the occupying authority claimed they wouldpurchase additional 100 hectares of land north of Simferopol to create a new cemetery. However, according to Nariman Dzhelial, due to unknown reasons, after half a year, the occupying authority did not manage to solve the problem. Therefore, they decided to “borrow” land from the Muslim cemetery.

“In Autumn of 2020, the authority of Simferopol attended the Crimean muftiat and informed that the city was going to take 7 (!) hectares of land from the Muslim Abdal. They promised to compensate for this land in a different location later. This is because out of 12 hectares, only a third was being used. So now the fence is being built. Because when the issue relates to yet another business project, the authority solves the land question quickly. But until the new cemetery opens, those hectares in the old cemetery will become golden [expensive – ed.]. So why not take them from neighbors,” wrote Nariman Dzhelial.

According to him, the Russia-controlled Crimean muftiat remains silent about this “expropriation” of the part of the Muslim cemetery.


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