CrimeaSOS: forcible passporting lies at the root of rights violations in the occupied Crimea

20 / 03 / 2023

russia’s imposition of citizenship, forced passporting, is the root of rights violations, in particular to labour, in the temporarily occupied Crimea. CrimeaSOS analyst Yevhenii Yaroshenko told about this in a comment to Krym.Realii. 

“Here, the main root of evil is citizenship imposed by russia. Those citizens of Ukraine who renounced the imposed citizenship were significantly restricted in many rights, including the right to labour. Crimeans without the imposed russian citizenship were limited in many vacancies, including those with a more or less decent salary. This is a direct result of russian occupation and imposed citizenship contrary to many norms of international law. Limitation of access to work negatively affected the right to an adequate standard of living”, — said Yevhenii Yaroshenko.

Not only political repressions took place in Crimea over the nine years of russian occupation. russians on the peninsula significantly violate religious rights and freedoms, rights to work, access to medical care, property rights, political and civil rights. The imposition of occupation citizenship lies at the root of these problems.

“This violation is not often talked about, but it should not be ignored. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides for the right of citizens to participate in the governance of their own state through participation in periodic elections. These are local government elections, parliamentary elections and presidential elections. During the nine years of the occupation of Crimea, Crimeans were deprived of the opportunity to participate in two presidential and two parliamentary elections, as well as numerous elections of local authorities”, — the analyst added.

We remind you that earlier CrimeaSOS wrote about how forced passporting took place in Crimea and how people with Ukrainian citizenship lived during the occupation. 


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