CrimeaSOS: actions of the occupiers speak of tension on the peninsula

3 / 03 / 2023

The occupiers expose the unstable and tense situation on the peninsula by intensifying the pressure and persecution of the disloyal population in Crimea. This was reported by the Head of the Board of CrimeaSOS Oleksii Tilnenko.

“Last week’s events in Crimea expose the failure of the russian propaganda machine and tensions on the occupied peninsula. The occupiers are destroying their narratives about Crimea as a “safe space” with their own hands and are further strengthening censorship”, — adds Oleksii Tilnenko.

On February 28, russian security forces issued a “warning” to the Crimean Tatars regarding the ban on participation in “mass unauthorized events”. “Warnings” were again sent to representatives of the regional Mejlis (whose activities were banned in the russian federation and occupied Crimea in 2016), citizen journalists and other residents of Crimea. Such “warnings” are a violation of a number of rights and freedoms: freedom of speech, the right to freedom of expression and the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

“russia continues using the residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea as “human shields”. After numerous explosions, some military equipment is now in close proximity to objects of social importance, such as schools and hospitals. With the approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the peninsula, russia can intensify the oppression of the disloyal population, thereby “blackmailing” Ukraine”, — said Oleksii Tilnenko.

In addition, on February 28, the FSB of russia searched the house of the Dzhemilovs, Crimean Tatars, in the Bakhchysarai area. Regarding the elder brother Abdulla Dzhemilov, the “version regarding his involvement” in the alleged damage to the railway in the village of Poshtove, Bakhchysarai district, on February 23 is being checked. The Dzhemilovs were forbidden to contact the lawyer.

We shall remind you that the total term of the victims of politically motivated persecution in Crimea during the year of the full-scale invasion amounted to 699 years and 9 months. At least six Crimean political prisoners were tortured in 2022.

Photo from open sources


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