CrimeaSOS: Prosecutors and judges will be added to the registry of war criminals

25 / 04 / 2022

In a statement to UA | TV CrimeaSOS analyst Ievgeniy Iaroshenko said that russian-controlled prosecutors in the occupied Crimea who charge local residents with evading russian military service, as well as judges who issue the convictions in such cases will be added to the registry of war criminals.

“We continue to build the register of war criminals involved in the illegal conscription into the military service for the invading country. During the eight years of the illegal occupation, a hierarchical structure responsible for the forced conscription and persecution of those evading service in the russian military has emerged. If we trace the entire chain, it will lead to the Chief of the General Staff of the russian Federation and the Minister of Defense of russia”, says Ievgeniy Iaroshenko.

40 such cases have been brought to the so-called “courts” in the occupied Crimea in 2022, and in some cases the convictions have already been issued.

Earlier CrimeaSOS published information on 18 war criminals, the so-called military commissars in the occupied Crimea who are responsible for the compulsory conscription of Crimean residents into the russian army.    


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