Сrimea situation report. May 2021

7 / 06 / 2021

Russian law enforcement bodies killed an asylum-seeker from Uzbekistan
and are trying to deport his wife. 4 politically motivated sentences were
awarded. 5 searches were conducted. At least 11 political prisoners
suffered from violations of their rights. A political prisoner Oleksii Chyrnii
was released. Mothers of 3 political prisoners were fined for single-person
protests in Crimea. 5 activists received warnings about the inadmissibility
of violations of law. The Russian government changed the rules of entry
to Crimea. The Russian army conducted 3 military exercises in Crimea. The
occupiers cannot solve the problem of water shortage in Crimea yet. 178
trees and bushes were illegally chopped on the territory of Sudak forestry.


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