Сrimea situation report. July 2021

4 / 08 / 2021

Russia tightened the legislation regarding “undesirable organizations.”
Russian authorities continue violating the right to health of political
prisoners. They also commit procedural violations in their cases. Two
Crimean Tatars appeared in punitive confinement. The court delivered the
fourth verdict in a “case on failure to report a crime.” Russian Investigative
Committee once again refused to release the body of Ayub Rakhimov for
burial. Russian law enforcement bodies conducted a search in the house
of Crimean Tatars. The court convicted a woman for 4.5 years for alleged
financing of terrorism. The occupying authorities kick people out of their
homes. Occupants continue ruining the environment of the Peninsula.
Problems with electric and water supply do not stop. Crimean occupying
authorities rejected 250 appeals for compensation of losses due to the
flood. The court rejected an appeal to start administrative supervision
over the former political prisoner. 2 administrative persecutions were


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