CrimeaSOS: more than 110 out of 150 Crimean political prisoners are Crimean Tatars

31 / 03 / 2023

More than 110 out of 150 victims of politically motivated persecution in Crimea are Crimean Tatars. This was once again emphasized by the head of the Board of CrimeaSOS Oleksii Tilnenko in a comment on the Freedom TV channel

“I can confirm that the absolute majority of current political prisoners in Crimea are actually Crimean Tatars. Out of 150, more than 110 are representatives of the Crimean Tatar people”, — says Oleksii Tilnenko.

Crimean Tatars continue to be oppressed and repressed by the russian authorities. During the violent mobilization to the russian army in the fall of 2022, in some settlements, approximately 90% of the conscription notices were received by Crimean Tatars.

“And the fact is that, for example, a disproportionately large number of conscription notices within mobilization carried out by russia on the territory of Crimea were issued specifically to the Crimean Tatars, despite the fact that, for example, the ethnic composition of these settlements did not predict such a result”, — Tilnenko said.

We shall remind you that earlier Oleksii Tilnenko reported that the victims of politically motivated persecution being Crimean Tatars are persecuted on the basis of religion in pre-trial detention centre #1 of the city of Simferopol.


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