CrimeaSOS: doctor confirmed the probability of hearing loss by Iryna Danylovych

10 / 04 / 2023

As a result of examination, the doctor confirmed that citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych may lose her hearing due to untimely provision of medical assistance. This was reported by CrimeaSOS analyst Yevhenii Yaroshenko.

“CrimeaSOS learned that recently Iryna Danylovych had an opportunity to undergo a short medical examination. Previously, the doctor confirmed hearing problems and the need for additional examinations. The probability that Iryna Danylovych may lose her hearing due to the lack of timely medical assistance is 50%”, — says Yevhenii Yaroshenko.

Further examinations will be conducted at the initiative of the pre-trial detention centre. In a comment to Krym.Realii, the father of the prisoner, Bronislav Danylovych, said that the examination was delayed by the “judge” Natalia Kulynska. In addition, the city court of Feodosia, controlled by russia, limited Iryna Danylovych’s ability to review the minutes of the “court” sessions in her criminal case, as well as to prepare objections to them.

On March 21, 2023, citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych, imprisoned by the occupiers, announced a dry hunger strike until “the start of treatment or biological death”. On April 6, it became known that she stopped her hunger strike in exchange for treatment.

We remind you that on March 21, CrimeaSOS learned that Iryna Danylovych lost consciousness during transportation to the occupation Feodosia City Court. Despite the fact that her state of health is rapidly deteriorating, the Simferopol pre-trial detention centre issued documents on the absence of medical obstacles for transportation.


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