Situation report: how Crimea lived in 2022

10 / 03 / 2023


■ More than 750 missiles fired by russia from Crimea across mainland Ukraine
■ At least 74 explosions recorded in Crimea
■ More than 600,000 tons of grain stolen from mainland Ukraine was exported
through Crimea to third countries
■ 1939 children taken from the south of Ukraine to Yevpatoria
■ At least 2 underground movements operate in Crimea
■ At least 110 civilians transferred from southern Ukraine are in the Simferopol pretrial detention facility, at least 95 of them are being held without any charges
■ New pre-trial detention facility opened in Simferopol
■ 54 victims of politically motivated prosecutions convicted, 53 of them sentenced
to imprisonment for a total of 637 years and 9 months
■ About 50 searches of Jehovah’s Witnesses
■ At least 15 Crimean political prisoners transferred to russian penal colonies
■ At least 8 new cases of enforced disappearances
■ 194 decisions on administrative liability for allegedly discrediting the russian
army issued by “courts”
■ At least 2 criminal cases about “fakes” about the russian army and 1 criminal case
about allegedly discrediting the russian army
■ More than 130 properties nationalized by the occupation administration
■ 6 Crimean lawyers experienced administrative pressure
■ Exhibits of 12 Crimean museums may end up on the territory of the russian
■ About 50,000 dolphins died due to russian warships


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