The “Court” in Crimea refused to involve UNESCO in the case of the illegal construction in Chersonesus 

18 / 05 / 2021

Source: Krym.Realii, Radio Liberty .

A former employee of the preserve, a conservation professional Anatolii Tumanov filed a complaint to the “court” in Sevastopol against the Russia-appointed directorate of “Chersonesus of Tavrida” and against the Russian fond for the support of humanities “Moia istoriia” (My history). 

“During the court’s seating, Anatolii Tumanov stated that the new bearing structures on the territory of ‘Chersonesus of Tavrida’ disturb the authenticity of the preserve as well as its space characteristics; they changed the landscape and covered the observation and defensive walls of the ancient city. Because of that, according to the complainant, UNESCO might remove Chersonesus from the list of World Heritage Sites,” – says Krym.Realii. 

Representatives of the respondents say that the “authenticity of the historical place” is a subjective matter. Therefore, they asked not to involve UNESCO in the case. The “court” supported them. 

According to Krym.Realii both sides argued whether the concrete structure near the tower of Zeno constitutes a bearing structure. 

According to the complainant, the presence of the basement that goes at least 80 cm deep into the ground is the characteristic of the bearing structure. The respondents, however, stated that “there is no inseparable connection between the constructed object and the ground.” According to them, the object was constructed to “reduce the anthropogenic influence and to disperse the flow of visitors.” 

The occupying authorities of Crimea conduct construction on the territory of a historical preserve, “Chersonesus of Tavrida,” which is listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.  


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