We took a taxi and found medicine – a little help from CrimeaSOS for a grandma in Kyiv

24 / 03 / 2022

Last week Svitlana Valentynivna, a war veteran and IDP from Crimean woman, applied to CrimeaSOS’s hotline. She could not find the necessary vital medicines in a neighborhood pharmacies.  

“She needed L-Thyroxine 200 mg or Euthyrox. She is simply powerless without these drugs, can’t even walk, and she had pills only for the next three days. It simply cannot be found in Kyiv nowadays. You need to fill out many Google forms, search through volunteers, or order through intermediaries. And wait, wait, wait…” says Anastasia Kalinina, CrimeaSOS lawyer who helped to find the drugs.  

Grandma even found where they are distributed for free. But it was 10 km away, in the city center and it was a weekend. There were no neighbors, no one to ask for help.  

“We called a taxi for her to few nearest pharmacies where drugs supposed to be. But it turned out that all the drugs had already been distributed. And the next delivery date is still unclear. The next day we called many people and volunteers, and finally found the necessary medicine. And delivered it directly to grandmother’s house,” says Anastasia.

“Thank you alot to CrimeaSOS, volunteers Irochka, Nastya and a young man (I don’t know his name) that had been looking for the drugs for me, a woman that got disability in WW2, for three days and found it. Today I got L-Thyroxine, weakened and can not walk. Now I will return my vital energy. Thank you to all of volunteers and God’s blessings! Glory to Ukraine and its great people”! 

A little help from CrimeaSOS team saved Svitlana Valentinovna’s health at such a difficult time for all of us. We are convinced that everyone can have many such stories.  

This help is made possible thanks to the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine.

To find a medicine during the war, we recommend using groups and sites:  

  • People Support with Діа Telegram: Contact @diapidtrymka 
    group for diabetics: drugs and more  
  • Pharmacies operating in Ukraine – table Drug exchange Kyiv – https://t.me/kievtabletki
    online consultations, open pharmacies, hospitals, links to similar chats, food, water, baby food.  
  • For cancer patients – Charity Fund Inspiration family support https://t.me/onkosupportua 
    channel for providing operational information to cancer patients  
  • Help from psychologists https://t.me/psy4peace  
    Free psychological support for people with anxiety, panic attacks, acute stress reactions 
  • “You are not alone” psychological assistance during hostilities https://t.me/tu_neodin  

We remind you that the public organization CrimeaSOS accepts applications for assistance through the “hotline” and social networks.  

Phones of the hotline 093 420 79 75, 097 327 70 37. Specialists work from 9.00 to 18.00 without days off. The cost of calls from Ukraine according to the tariffs of your operator. 

Рhoto: pixabay.com


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