Police and their drunk witness: Russian law enforcement officers searched a house of a reporter for “Crimean Solidarity”  

25 / 05 / 2021

Reporter of QirimInfo had a chance to contact Adzhykeliamov directly. 

According to the victim, Russian law enforcement services justified the search by telling that Adzhykeliamov was under some preliminary police investigation. 

“The search started after 8 am. I took my kids to school, and when I came back home, the police were knocking at my door. They read out a ruling by the Radiansky regional court saying that I am under a preliminary investigation. They came into the house and walked around different rooms. They did not find anything. They had witnesses with them. I asked one of them [witnesses] to take off his face mask so that I could see who that was, whether that was a local or not. He took off his mask, and there was a strong smell of alcohol from his breath. I said, ‘He is drunk!’ Police officers just smiled,” – said Zidan Adzhykeliamov. 

According to Adzhykeliamov, law enforcement officers surrounded his house, barn, backyard but did not take anything. 

After police drew up a protocol, they left. Adzhykeliamov refused to sign the protocol without the presence of his lawyers. Therefore, he did not receive a copy of that document. 

Later Adzhykeliamov was contacted by the investigator. The investigator asked whether Adzhykeliamov knew about the location of two children of Nabi Rakhimov. As we reportedRakhimov was killed by the Russian law enforcement officers on May 11thAdzhykeliamov said he knew nothing about the location of those children. 

Adzhykeliamov also added that few days before the search, he noticed that his house was under surveillance.  

“Civilian vehicles were patrolling the area near my house. For surethis was some kind of surveillance. It continued for 2-3 days. One day they came at 9 pm and stayed until 7:30 am. Firstthere were four vehicles, then 2. It was clear that they turned in my direction. I even came up to one of the vehicles and asked, ‘Did something happen? Vehicles usually do not stop here.’ They said that nothing happened. They did not name themselves. Neighbors also saw vehicles stopping near my house at night. We have a small village, so we notice strangers’ cars immediately,” – said Adzhykeliamov 

As we reported earlieron May 11th Russian law enforcement officers searched three homes of Crimean Muslims. During one of the searches, they killed a citizen of Uzbekistan Nabi (AiubRakhimov. They said he had allegedly resisted the arrest. Russian occupying authorities decided to deport the family of Rakhimov to Uzbekistan. 


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