Crimea situation report. December 2023

12 / 01 / 2024
  • During December, the Defence Forces of Ukraine hit 8 military objects, including the large landing ship Novocherkassk.
  • The occupants began launching shahed drones from Balaklava, recruiting people for FPV drone operator courses and building a new hospital in Crimea.
  • At least 542 killed russian soldiers from occupied Crimea have been identified.
  • Two arbitrary searches, new facts of violation of the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion, politically motivated criminal charges and sentences, and violations of the right to a fair trial were recorded.
  • 8 political prisoners were transferred to penitentiary facilities in russia.
  • Crimean political prisoners continue complaining about the conditions of detention and health problems.
  • New details of the displacement of the civilian population and looting have been identified.
  • In Crimea, there is a shortage of occupation police officers and fuel.


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