CrimeaSOS: The detention of Iryna Danilovich has signs of enforced disappearance

3 / 05 / 2022

The detention of citizen journalist Iryna Danilovich in the occupied Crimea has signs of enforced disappearance. It was reported by the CrimeaSOS analyst, Yevhen Yaroshenko.

“The case of Iryna Danylovych has all elements of enforced disappearance. She has been previously detained by occupying law enforcement officers. For 5 days now, her relatives have not known anything about her whereabouts, as well as the place and time of possible court hearings against her. The detainee does not have access to a lawyer,” pointed Yevhen Yaroshenko, the CrimeaSOS analyst.

According to international law, enforced disappearance includes three elements: 1) arrest, detention, abduction or deprivation of liberty in any other form; 2) those actions were committed by representatives of the state or persons acting with the support of the state; 3) refusal to recognize the fact of imprisonment or concealment of information about the fate or whereabouts of a missing person, as a result of which this person remains without the protection of the law.

Citizen journalist Iryna Danilovich was detained on April 29 by russian security forces as she was on her way home from work, on the road from Koktebel to Feodosia. Her house in Vladyslavivka village was searched, her phone and laptop were confiscated.

The woman’s relatives reported that the arrest was due to her “ties with a foreign state” and that Iryna was allegedly detained for 10 days. However, the parents were not provided with any documents regarding the detention or court decision regarding their daughter. It is unknown at this time where Iryna is being held.

According to the CrimeaSOS, during the 8 years of occupation of Crimea, 44 people have become victims of enforced disappearances. The fate and whereabouts of 15 people are still unknown, 6 were found dead, 3 were imprisoned, 1 was extradited abroad, and 19 were released after abduction.


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