CrimeaSOS: russia increasingly imposes citizenship of the russian federation through forced passporting

16 / 10 / 2023

Starting from October 16, 2023, russia limits the possibility of entry of citizens of Ukraine through third countries. This is stated in the resolution of the government of the russian federation dated October 6, 2023. Such actions of the russian federation are among the ways of forced passporting of residents of the occupied territories, CrimeaSOS lawyer Anastasiia Kalinina claims.

The resolution ordered to: “Temporarily limit entry to the russian federation of citizens of Ukraine from the territory of third countries, at checkpoints across the state border of the russian federation, with the exception of the multilateral air checkpoint across the state border of the russian federation “Sheremetyevo” (Moscow) and the multilateral automobile checkpoint across the border of the russian federation “Ludonka” (Pskov region)”.  

These restrictions do not apply to children under the age of 14 and their guardians being citizens of the russian federation.

Subsequently, Latvia decided to close the “Vientuli-Ludonka” and “Pededze” checkpoints. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, this step was taken in response to the introduction by the russian federation of entry restrictions for citizens of Ukraine through the territory of third countries. Latvian checkpoints do not have adequate infrastructure to cope with the projected increase in passenger traffic.

In connection with the above, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine renews recommendations to citizens of Ukraine to refrain from visiting the territory of the aggressor state, as well as to take into account the impossibility of entering russia from the territory of Latvia. 

In the opinion of CrimeaSOS lawyer Anastasiia Kalinina, such actions of the russian federation are another way of forced passporting, in particular in the occupied territories, and restriction of freedom of movement for citizens of Ukraine who are forced to flee from the occupied territories or from where active hostilities are taking place.

“We see this as another way of forcing citizens from the occupied territories to obtain russian passports. After receiving such a passport, there are no restrictions on points of entry. Until now, citizens of Ukraine, including refugees from the territories where hostilities were taking place, could enter russia and leave the country through any checkpoint.”

The possibility of crossing the russian border may be necessary for citizens of Ukraine not only for both evacuation from places of hostilities and the return of people abducted and deported from the occupied territories, in particular political prisoners.


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