CrimeaSOS: russia continues deporting Crimean Tatars to these days

22 / 05 / 2023

Today, russia continues the covert deportation of Crimean Tatars from the occupied peninsula, transferring victims of politically motivated persecution in Crimea to the russian federation or creating conditions under which representatives of the indigenous people are forced to leave their homeland. Deporting residents of occupied Crimea to the territory of russia is a war crime.

“These actions [deportation of Crimean residents to the territory of the russian federation — ed.] are a war crime from the point of view of international humanitarian law and international criminal law, because the occupying state does not have the right to move the population of the occupied territory beyond the borders of this territory, including to the territory of the occupying state. Likewise, it does not have the right to resettle part of its civilian population on the occupied territory”, — CrimeaSOS analyst Yevhenii Yaroshenko said in a comment to Ukrainske Radio

The policy of deportation is not new for the russian regime. 79 years ago, by order of dictator Joseph Stalin, more than 200,000 Crimean Tatars were transported to remote corners of russia in freight cars. Today, the russian federation continues repression against the residents of the occupied Crimea.

On May 22, CrimeaSOS is organizing a charity screening and discussion of the film “1944. Crimea. Deportation” in Squat 17b in Kyiv. The film tells the story of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people from Crimea in 1944 in the words of eyewitnesses. It is based on personal stories that are in the families of every Crimean Tatar and should remain in the memory of future generations.


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