Denys Savchenko, Head of the Board of CrimeaSOS: around 90% of farmacies in the city and the region of Kherson are closed

24 / 05 / 2022

The situation with medicines in the temporarily occupied Kherson region is complicated. Nearly no pharmacies, 90% of them, work. Some pharmacy chains, according to inspectors, are planning to completely stop their work in the region. Medicines are now being transported from the occupied Crimea and Russia – and they are sold from car trunks in local markets. They are not certified and can be fake. There is a huge problem with medicines for heart and blood pressure, says Head of CrimeaSOS, Denys Savchenko.

In particular, pregnant women face problems purchasing medicines and other pharmaceutical means they need in maternity wards. It is often impossible to find medicines and other medical supplies necessary for delivery and post-delivery period that were normally available. Also a considerable deficit of medicines for children it’s being reported, the most acute problem is the shortage of antipyretic drugs.

“ Medicines for children is another big problem. As well as medical supplies for newborns. In fact, even products imported from Russia and Crimea can be dangerous for children – because no one knows whether it is real medicine or a fake, “- added Denys Savchenko.

As it became known, only very expensive specialized drugs, vitamins, medicinal herbs and teas, toothpaste, and some cosmetics remained in pharmacies. In general, prices have risen 3-5 times for most drugs.


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