CrimeaSOS experts will organize training for civil and military administration officials

18 / 04 / 2022

Transferred volunteer Natavan

Experts of CrimeaSOS will provide online training for officials of civil and military administrations. Training the civil service personnel will be carried out as soon as within this week as advised by one of the CrimeaSOS coordinators Iryna Datsenko.

Our main task is to explain how to help Ukrainians who have been taken by force to russia from the occupied territories or areas of combat activities. Our experts have amassed all the recommendations from the Government and human rights activists and joined them with the expertise of our own, CrimeaSOS coordinator Iryna Datsenko told us.

As reported before, a CrimeaSOS analyst Ievgeniy Iaroshenko declared that international organizations, in particular, the Office of the UNO High Commissioner for Refugees, could contribute to returning Ukrainians who have been by force relocated from the occupied territories of Ukraine and areas of combat activities. A certain special procedure is meant that is applicable within russian borders.

As per Liudmila Denisova, a human rights parliamentary commissioner of Ukraine, during the period of full-time invasion more than 700 000 people have been deported, among them 130 000 children, from Ukraine to russia.

According to the Geneva Convention on the protection of the civil population during a war, it is prohibited to resettle or deport the population of an occupied country to the occupying one.

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