International organizations may return deported Ukrainians from russia

20 / 04 / 2022

Transferred volunteer Natavan

Since Crimea was occupied the russian military commissioners have been committing a military crime – that of forced enlistment of Crimean citizens in the russian army. Currently, there is proof of 18 functionaries guilty of these and relevant crimes as reported by the Crimea SOS analyst Ievgeniy Iaroshenko.

He says there has been initiated the russian military commissioners’ register who are immediate perpetrators of the above crime and are punishable by Criminal Law in Ukrainian courts or the International Criminal Court (ICC)

According to the data in possession of the Prosecutor´s Office of the Crimean Autonomous Republic and the city of Sebastopol 34 thousand or more Crimeans have been thus recruited. This is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and a military crime under the Rome Statute of ICC(article 8(2)(a)(v).

No military crime has any limitation period and liability may ensue even after dozens of years after it was committed. It is one of the prior responsibilities of Ukraine to make military criminals accountable for their deeds. In case the state cannot do it, ICC steps forward. The Ukrainian state institutions as well as public organizations of any kind have a right to apply and provide information to the ICC Procurator`s Office, Ievgeniy Iaroshenko pointed out.

The 18 military commissioners under russian control in Crimea who commit a military crime by forcibly recruiting Crimean dwellers to the occupying Army.

Autonomous Republic of Crimea
1. Colonel Yuriy Limar, Military Commissioner

2. Michailo Annenko, Military Commissioner of Yalta

3. Suren Romanov, Military Commissioner of Kerch and Lenisky District

4. Oleg Ibragimov, Military Commissioner of Evpatoria, Saki and Saki District

5. Olexander Kabashniy, Military Commissioner of Nizhyogirsky and Sovetski Districts

6. Anatoly Kostenko, Military Commissioner of Feodosia and Kirovsky District

7. Olexander Chepurenko, Military Commissioner of Simferopol

8. Kostiantin Kocharov, Military Commissioner of Simferopol District and Alushta

9. Kostiantin Dolzhikov, Military Commissioner of Sudak

10. Mikhailo Shinkarev, Military Commissioner of Bilogirsky District

11. Vacancy, Military Commissioner of Krasnoperekopsk and Krasnnoperekopsky District

12. Arkadiy Gevorkian, Military Commissioner of Bakhchysarai District

13. Vacancy, Military Commissioner of Dzhankoi and Dzhankoi District

14. Kostyantin Shilenko, Military Commissioner of Krasnogvardeisky District

15. Artur Surahanian, Military Commissioner of Chernomorsky and Rozdolnensky Districts

16. Sergiy Kharchenko, Military Commissioner of Gagarinsky and Balaklavsky Districts

17. Sergiy Chizhov, Military Commissioner of Sebastopol

18. Vadim Yelchaninov, Military Commissioner of Nakhimovsky and Leninsky Districts

Calling on the population of an occupied territory to join the occupying Force is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (Articles 51, 147) and is a military crime according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Article 8(2)(a)(v)).

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