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305 families received humanitarian aid from CrimeaSOS in October 2015

November 24, 2015 15:03 0 3598
We report on the provision of humanitarian aid to IDPs families during October 2015 in three CrimeaSOS offices.
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CrimeaSOS provides humanitarian assistance directly in three cities of Ukraine — Kiev, Kherson and Lviv. In addition, we send parcels to help IDPs in various regions of Ukraine, including some cities in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In general, 305 families who have moved from the eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea received humanitarian assistance during October 2015. In particular, in Kiev CrimeaSOS provided humanitarian aid to 97 families, in Lviv — to 132 families, in Kherson — to 76 families.

Also during October we sent parcels to 11 cities (marked on the map below): Konotop (Sumy oblast), Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk oblast), Ivano-Frankivsk, Koretz (Rivne oblast), Starobilsk (Luhansk oblast), Dimitrov (Donetsk oblast), Berdiansk (Zaporizhia oblast), Zaporizhia, Odessa, Sljviiansk (Donetsk region), city Kalanchak (Kherson region).
What is more, the aid was spread directly from CrimeaSOS warehouse in Kiev. We remind you that you don't need to register in advance to receive clothing or shoes.

Provided assistance

In October, we provided IDPs with bed linen, baby food, child care facilities (diapers, wipes, powder, creams, etc.), dishes and etc. In addition, people with special needs were provided with aids for mobility: wheelchairs, crutches, special seats.


We want to sincerely thank the number of organizations that provided assistance for IDPs through CrimeaSOS: Cargill, Slovakia-SOS in the face of Anna Shveia (Bratislava, Slovakia), Charitable Foundation "Hasen" and particularly Nami Onur (Dortmund, Germany), a charitable organization "Wümme" (Rotternburg, Germany), the foundation "Ukrainians in Netherlands" in the face of Vera Zwaan (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and Mr. Marcus Lenk from Representation of Austrian airlines.
Also, we send many thanks to the staff of Gorbachevskyi Kherson Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital for active collection and transfer of humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons. Special thanks to Kelly Pedett and Walter Rabka from Virginia (USA) for gifts for 50 children participating in drawing contest. Walter abd Kelly presented the sets for children's creativity.

Finally we thank Mary from Lviv city as well as all concerned Ukrainians who help IDPs in any way.


Urgent needs

Because of the cold weather the need for warm things for both children and adults is really sharp. Therefore CrimeaSOS continues to collect warm clothes. We would be grateful for any help. It can be clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, blankets, heaters and etc.

In addition, for families in a bad financial position, large families and the ones who have just resettled the purchase of such things as children's hygiene products, household chemicals is unobtainable.


Tatiana from Donbass gives her feedback about received help:

Good afternoon, CrimeaSOS team! Thank you very much for your good deeds! Currently, our state and we, IDPs, exist only thanks to you, indifferent people, Volunteers with a capital letter. From the bottom of my heart and my family we thank you very much for your help at such a difficult time for us. Thanks again.

Pregnant woman Irina from Donetsk was treated in Kherson in her 8-9 month of pregnancy with pneumonia. In Kherson she has neither relatives nor a husband, she's all alone. In social networks, the information campaign has been launched to support pregnant woman. Volunteers of Kherson and CrimeaSOS team helped woman with medications, clothes for the unborn child, diapers and generic package. Thus with the help of concerned residents everything necessary for the delivery was gathered for Irina.

We remind that to get humanitarian aid from CrimeaSOS, you should fill out a form on the website. Social workers process forms in turn and will call you back. Due to the large number of applications the processing time is an average more than 3 months.

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