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Dozens of IDPs joined the flashmob #IDPsDoNotVote in social networks

October 23, 2015 11:37 0 2466
On October 8 CrimeaSOS and Ukrainian Truth media (Ukrainska Pravda) launched a campaign in support of the electoral rights of IDPs. Photo project "Forcedly voiceless. Registration which silences" caused active discussion in the social networks and launched the all-Ukrainian flashmob.

The problem of the electoral rights of 1.5 million displaced people in the local elections on October 25 remains unresolved. In order to attract the attention of the public, CrimeaSOS team invited 12 activists of culture and art from the eastern Ukraine and Crimea to join the photo project "Forcedly voiceless. Residence that silences". Conditions of participation were simple: take a photo with a paper covering mouth that had the name and place of residence. The idea was that for 1.5 million people the registration of residence has become a factor that has crossed the constitutional right to vote.

The campaign provoked a hot discussion on social networks. People were discussing whether it is right for internally displaced persons to vote for the local authorities. Some have focused on the fact that they were talking about people displaced not forcely but temporary. But the fact remains that in Ukraine there is 1.5 million internally and forcely displaced persons rather than temporary and their constitutional right to vote, including in local elections, has been violated. In its turn government did not have time to consider the bill, developed by civil society organizations, and hasn't develop its own voting mechanism for the IDPs.

Tamila Tasheva, CrimeaSOS coordinator notes:

We did not expect that soon a flash mob would start and that concerned people will write their names hometowns, closing their mouth. Photo has actively started to be spread in social networks with the hashtag #ForcedlyVoiceless and #IDPsDoNotVote. We could not stand aside and announced a flash mob.

We remind you that the local elections will be held on 25 October. 1.5 million IDPs are deprived of the right to vote, despite the fact that they have what to say.




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