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CrimeaSOS and UNHCR discussed IDPs problems with the British Minister for European Affairs

October 12, 2015 11:11 0 2873
On October 8 the British delegation visited CrimeaSOS office in Kyiv to discuss the work of the public sector with the problems of IDPs.

David Roy Lidington, Minister for European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of Great Britain, and Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Ukraine visited Ukraine on October 8, 2015.

In the NGO "CrimeaSOS" in Kiev British guests were welcomed by CrimeaSOS, representatives of the UNHCR, several organizations of IDPs, in particular, the Crimean Tatar Youth Centre, NGO "Crimean family" and Crimean Tatar football team "Adalat", as well as individual families who left the east and Crimea.

Before his visit to CrimeaSOS the Minister met with the top leadership of the state and held several meetings with representatives of the UNHCR. CrimeaSOS team was genuinely impressed by Mr Lidington's attention to the problems of internally displaced persons as well as to the activities of CrimeaSOS in particular. British colleagues demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the situation in Ukraine. In addition, David Lidington has promised that he will do his best to promote the IDPs issue in the international arena and to ensure the continuous provision of assistance to Ukraine from the UK.

Dmytro  Tsykhanivskyi, Olga Uzlova, Judith Gough, interpreter, David Lidington

At the meeting, the CrimeaSOS coordinator Tamila Tasheva got the British colleagues acquainted with the activities of the organization and spoke about the projects implemented by the social initiative, including the ones that are being done in conjunction with the UNHCR. Also coordinator outlined the typical trends in public organizations work with the issues of internally displaced persons.

The minister was especially interested in the IDPs views about their problems and experience of getting any help. IDPs have shared the difficulties that arose in the way of their adaptation to the new location. In addition, some of them thanked to the UNHCR and CrimeaSOS for the assistance they have received under the grant program to support volunteer initiatives. In particular, creative NGO "Crimean family" got a stereo and microphone for training children's ensemble. And the Crimean Tatar Youth Center will soon be provided with a laptop and speakers for the Crimean Tatar dance class.

Also the representatives of the Crimean Tatar team "Adalat" spoke on the meeting. They are currently participating in the grant program of CrimeaSOS and Stabilization Support Services, funded by the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund of the British Government.

The meeting gave a British colleagues better understanding of the problems of internally displaced persons in Ukraine. And also the British delegation got acquainted with the work the social organizations with IDPs issues on the example of CrimeaSOS.

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