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In November CrimeaSOS provided humanitarian aid for 373 families

December 10, 2015 17:40 2 3065
Get acquainted with the report on the provision of humanitarian assistance to displaced families during November 2015 in three CrimeaSOS offices.
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In general, three CrimeaSOS offices provided humanitarian aid to 373 families in November. Assistance was provided directly from the offices nd warehouses.

CrimeaSOS traditionally receives requests for assistance not only from the cities in which the organization is represented, but also from other regions. During the month, Kyiv CrimeaSOS office sent a eight parcels, two of which to Bila Tserkva city and one to Mariupol, Tarasivka (Kyiv oblast), Berdychiv, Starobilsk, Lviv and Sumy. In turn Lviv CrimeaSOS team sent the help to Popasne (Donetska oblast) and a public organization "Armia Spasinnia" in Lviv oblast.

Provided assistance

In November CriemaSOS assisted vulnerable families from the eastern Ukraine and Crimea with some things from the list: household chemicals; hygiene products; bed; clothing and footwear; sets of blankets, tea and underwear; baby food; diapers.


From all CrimeaSOS team we thank the Canadian company Global Medic, which sent the assistance to IDPs once again. Our special thanks to Laurel Kozik and our good friends –  the Cargill company. Also we thank a lot to Slovakia-SOS organization in Bratislava.

We send many thanks to Haramiyi Nahnybida, Kherson citizen who now lives in the USA. She helped Kherson CrimeaSOS team to purchase baby food and medicines for IDPs children.

And finally we sincerely thank to all the people who came to our offices and brought some aid as their hearts told them to!

Kherson citizen helped to buy children's medicines from cold

Urgent needs

Frost outside makes the family in a difficult financial situation turn to NGOs for warm clothes. Blankets, warm clothing for children and adults, shoes, socks, heaters - this is an incomplete list of very necessary things.

In addition, more and more people began to ask for medicine from cold and traditionally baby food and diapers zre urgently needed. These things are incredibly expensive for poor IDPs families.

So if you have the opportunity to help with something, call one of the following CrimeaSOS offices: Kyiv (044) 364-37-28; Lviv: (050) 381-14-89, (063) 975-55-43, (067) 474-56-08; Kherson: (0552) 390-290, (095) 277-53-55.

Thank you very much for your help. Clothing, bedding, hygiene products. I am very pleased and happy. Life goes on. The mood is lifted. I am not forgotten.

Alexander, Crimea

Look for more reports here: October, September.

Humanitarian aid is one of the CrimeaSOS directions. Applications for the assistance are made through the online form. Over the entire period of work CrimeaSOS received thousands of applications, so the speed of their processing starts usually from three months. Currently, the new applications are accepted only from newly arrived families (those who moved less than 50 days ago). Note that the humanitarian assistance in CrimeaSOS is provided to vulnerable families from the east and Crimea and only once: families with three or more children; persons with special needs, disabilities and people with chronic diseases; single parent; unaccompanied minors and lonely elderly people; people who urgently need medical care; newly arrived families / persons (within the first 50 days after departure); family / person in a critical financial situation.

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Андрей Курьянов
11.12.2015, 15:47
В Украине есть ещё Закарпатская область. Мы переехали в Мукачево из Крыма в октябре 2014 года. Какие-то местные благотворительные фонды в первые месяцы как-то ещё пытались изображать "бурную деятельность". Пару раз даже выдали продуктовые наборы, за что им спасибо. Но, уже к весне 2015 года всё сошло на нет. У нас дочка - инвалид детства по сахарному диабету и мы неоднократно это подчёркивади в различнных анкетах, которые нам давали заполнять. Все наши потребности в помощи связаны только с сахарным диабетом, но, все наши просьбы помочь в этом вопросе не были ни разу услышаны.
Tamila Tasheva
11.12.2015, 22:09
Андрей добрый день! Официально мы не работаем в Закарпатской области, однако аналогично мы также не работаем в ряде городов - но отправляем туда гуманитарную помощь. Обратитесь в офис КС в Киеве - и вас проконсультируют. Относительно диабета - есть государственные программы и они должны исполняться. Обратитесь с этим вопросом к советнику по вопросам переселенцев в вашей области. Контакты есть в областном совете или на нашем сайте: с уважением, Тамила Ташева