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SaveAvdiivka: аction for peace

February 02, 2017 13:01 0 3588
For nearly 3 years the war has continued in Ukraine. We are tired, it hurts when we have to say good bye the fallen soldiers on the Independence Square. We want peace.

Russian troops have been assaulting Adviivka city in the Eastern Ukraine for 5 days already. All this time about 22 thousand people are trapped in the city without heat, electricity or safe shelter. Every day in the news there are names of new victims, there are numerous casualties among the Ukrainian soldiers, who defend the city, and civilians. Public Ukrainian and international organizations, numerous volunteers make their best to help the victims at the scene, but the world is still silent. The world is silent, but we will not be, right?

February 4 at 12:00 we wait for you at the Independence Square in Kyiv. We wait for you, your friends, neighbors and relatives because we are against war.

How you can join us?

  • dress up warmly, bring the hot tea and gloves;
  • take the red ribbon - we will symbolically tie them at the Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred; 
  • put on the red scarf as a symbol of our solidarity.

We are told that no one will come on Saturday and the action is meaningless. Yes, tying a red ribbon is a symbolic action and will not stop the war. But if we can not even tie a ribbon, then who will tell world the truth about what is happening?

We can do everything together, join us! Who if not us?

Look for the event on Facebook and follow the latest news.


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