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One drop, two, three ... Or maybe enough?

December 02, 2016 22:50 0 7212
"If he beats - it means he loves me," "This is me who is guilty," "I provoked him ..." – Ukrainian woman knows a lot of options, how to explain a scratch or a bruise on her face. She is able to tolerate a drop by drop. She knows how to be silent. But how much violence someone has to experience to finally ask for help? What does it looks like – this last drop of patience?
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Social video "The Last Drop" refers to women who suffer violence. They are asked not to wait and to seek help now. Help is available from the International Women's Rights Center La Strada: counseling of psychologist and lawyer, social support, temporary shelter and other. Calls are accepted free of charge, anonymous and around the clock by phone 8 000 465 37 28 or 386.

Customer of the video, CrimeaSOS public organization, brough up the topic of domestic violence against women within the framework of "16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence" campaign worldwide. This problem is particularly actual for vulnerable families, including internally displaced persons.



Made by:

Creative: ReadyGoFilm

Production: ReadyGoFilm

Director/Idea: Oleg Tishkovets

Producer: Alex Varivoda

DOP: Alex Milokost

Post/VFX: Roman Onufriychuk

Sound: Evgeniy Bondarenko

Casting: Oksana Platonova

The project partner – The UN Refugee Agency.

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