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A multi-functional hub for IDPs to be launched in Kyiv

August 11, 2015 10:45 0 4397
House of Free People – a hub uniting non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to IDPs is opening in Kyiv on August 18, 2015. IDPs will receive assistance in the format of a "single window" on 13D Kyrylivska St.

An issue of combining efforts of non-governmental organizations and activists working with internally displaced persons was discussed more than once. The Hub "House of Free People" was created in order to enable IPDs to receive legal and psychological consultations, humanitarian aid and professional advice on job search and employment issues, as well as discuss other important problems. It will represent the following organizations: CrimeaSOS, Vostok-SOS, Employment Center of Free People, New Donbas.

Tamila Tasheva, co-founder and coordinator of CrimeaSOS social initiative, believes that creation of such hub will help to solve problems of IDPs faster and save lots of time and vigor. "Unfortunately, we cannot solve all problems faced by IDPs. They include, first of all, employment and accommodation. Hub's objective is to solve this task. Indeed, why wasting time while searching required specialists and organizations, if all of them are located in the same premises?».

Creation of favorable environment for fast social adaptation of internally displaced persons is the main goal of the Hub "House of Free People", Oleksandra Dvoretska, Chair of Board of the CF "Vostok-SOS" says. "Common idea of the "House of Free People" is to create comfortable space enabling solving IDPs' problems in one place at one time. Thus, several organizations may become more efficient. Organizations may act independently, of course, but how far can we go in such case? IDPs' problems shall be resolved promptly, either by providing legal advice, psychological support or assistance in job or housing search. And, of course, we want the people to feel free as soon as possible".

Resident of Crimea, Julia Nalyvayko notes that IDPs need such hub badly. «Such "reunification" will make life of people who arrived from Crimea or Donbas easier. It is very convenient and there will be no need to run all over the Kyiv looking for help. It is a good solution to have all organizations in one building. I know from my own experience, how difficult it is to leave one's home, work, etc. How difficult it is to find oneself in a strange city and try to adapt and survive. It is good that there are people who do a great human job», - Julia says.

Opening of the Hub will take place on August 18, 2015 at the address:  Frunze St.  (new name of the street - Kyrylivska St.).

Follow the latest news on the hub's Facebook page.

Hub «House of Free People» was organized by CrimeaSOS social initiative and is supported within the framework of Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative(UCBI) funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


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