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Activists will "keep silent" about the events in Crimea near the Embassy of the Russian Federation

February 20, 2017 11:25 0 4047
On the 24th of February activists will not speak, the numbers will speak for them. Starring: numbers 3, 17, 6 and others. They will tell what facts of the Crimea occupation they contain as part of the silent performance "Crimean numerology".

Speakers Perfomance:

  • the number "3", which will tell about Reshat Ametov's picket in Crimea;
  • the number "6" will talk about the people kidnapped during the occupation of the Crimea, which were later found dead;
  • the number "17" will tell about those for whom there is no news until today.

Activists for the eighth time will come to the Russian Embassy in Kiev with the question "Where is Ervin *?". They want to know the whereabouts of 17 missing crimeans and require investigation of disappearances from Russian authorities. Te action is held in the within the Find & Free information campaign.

Join the action on February 24 at 11 am in Kiev, 27 Povitroflotskyi Avenue (Russian Embassy).

Follow us on Facebook-event.

Media accreditation - (098) 782-84-96 (Julia Fedotovskyh).


* Ervin Ibragimov is a member of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars executive committee, the member of the regional Mejlis, who was kidnapped in Crimea on the night of May 25, 2016. Where is Ervin is still not known. Starting from July 25, activists monthly hold the action at the Russian Embassy in Kiev demanding to find all the people who disappeared during the occupation of Crimea. 

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