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50 displaced families managed to defend their rights in court with the help of CrimeaSOS

January 12, 2016 12:16 0 5175
In June 2015 CrimeaSOS social initiative has launched a new direction of legal work. During the half of a year 135 IDPs families applied to CrimeaSOS for the accompaniment of cases.

Everyone who moved from the east and Crimea knows what it means to overcome numerous administrative and bureaucratic obstacles, understand the dozens of laws and regulations. Without that IDPs can not get the status of internally displaced persons or access financial assistance, social benefits (for instance, pensions payments) or services in health and education.

These issues and procedures are difficult for understanding of the ordinary people without legal education. Furthermore, IDPs face additional difficulties because of the lack of documents which are often lost during the moving or left in the former place of residence. Therefore, legal assistance to people is absolutely necessary.

CrimeaSOS has begun providing primary legal assistance in the spring 2014 after Crimea annexation. Applicants can receive free legal advice on any issues which arise before, during or after the moving.

However, some cases can not be solved with advice, so people have to go to court, while they are not acquainted with the principles and procedures case considering by the court.

Therefore, in June 2015 CrimeaSOS has launched a new field of activity supported by the UN Agency for Refugees. Over half of the year thelawyers of three NGO’s offices received 135 applications. As for today a court decision on 50 lawsuits has been already received. The rest lawsuits are under consideration.

IDPs mostly apply for the representation in court on such issues:

  • confirmation of birth;
  • deprivation of parental rights because of the the necessity to take permission of a parent for departure of entry of the child in Crimea and ATO zone);
  • legal termination of employment;
  • recalculation of pension payments.

Free representation of IDPs in court is provided by the lawyer under a special procedure. After a detailed study of the case CrimeaSOS lawyer determines if it is necessary to file a lawsuit and makes predictions on court results. If the filing a lawsuit is needed a lawyer prepare the necessary procedural documents and helps to direct them to the appropriate court for consideration.

The results of work during six months you can find also in the infographic below.


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