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177 families from the east and Crimea received humanitarian aid from CrimeaSOS in December

January 06, 2016 17:18 0 2927
We present you the report on the provision of humanitarian aid to displaced families during December 2015 in three CrimeaSOS offices.
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The current frost strikes primarily the needy families. Therefore, in December CrimeaSOS team marked a sharp increase in requests from families from the eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea for help with medicines, blankets, warm clothes and shoes.

Within a month, CrimeaSOS team in offices in Kiev, Lviv and Kherson helped 177 families. Moreover, we have received several calls from other regions of Ukraine. As a consequence, parcels were sent to Kryzhopil in Vinnytsia oblast, Dneprodzerzynsk city and Zaporozhiia city.


Provided assistance

In December, we provided humanitarian assistance to needy families in the form of household chemicals, bedding, hygiene, warm clothes and toys, Christmas gifts and food for children.


Once again from the whole team we would like to express the gratitude to Cargill company. Also, thanks to the organization "Rock Maidan", "Ukraine-Slovakia SOS", "Armiia Spasinnia", Lviv representation of Austrian Airlines "Austrian". Special thanks to the Department of Social Protection of the Lviv regional state administration, which provided a hundred New Year's gifts for children.

Also thanks from CrimeaSOS and recipients to Larisa Volodymyrivna, a representative of "Sophisticated travel agency" company for the help in the purchase of medicines, baby food and diapers.

And, of course, we are extremely grateful to all concerned citizens who have opened their hearts and gave assistance to those who need it!
Urgent needs

Today, the most popular aid are the drugs (in particular, children's cold medicines and the ones for the temperature), infant care items, warm clothing and shoes, baby food.

We will thank each of you for any help that we can provide together for those who need it.


Finally we want to share a story that adds confidence in the good people of this world.

This is a story about the family of Andrew from Debaltsevo (Donetsk oblast), who moved to live in Kherson because of the armed conflict in Donbass. In December 2015, the wife of Andrei suddenly gave a difficult birth on the seventh month of pregnancy. A premature baby has faced a number of health problems. After birth, the babie's lungs did not open, that is why a needed of special treatment has occured. The family borrowed a large sum of money to buy the drug to save a child who is still in intensive care. In addition to the main diagnosis, the baby suffers from respiratory failure, congenital pneumonia, intrauterine infection and other complications. The family had no other sources of halp, because they are alone in Kherson.

However, the help for the baby came from activists. Thanks to the information campaign on the social networks, the help of volunteers and charitable organizations provided the child's diapers and baby food. Moreover organization "Sudba Maidan" has assisted in the drugs for the maintenance of baby's life.

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Humanitarian aid is one of the CrimeaSOS directions. Applications for the assistance are made through the online form. Over the entire period of work CrimeaSOS received thousands of applications, so the speed of their processing starts usually from three months. Currently, the new applications are accepted only from newly arrived families (those who moved less than 50 days ago). Note that the humanitarian assistance in CrimeaSOS is provided to vulnerable families from the east and Crimea and only once: families with three or more children; persons with special needs, disabilities and people with chronic diseases; single parent; unaccompanied minors and lonely elderly people; people who urgently need medical care; newly arrived families / persons (within the first 50 days after departure); family / person in a critical financial situation.

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