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122 displaced families received individual emergency assistance from CrimeaSOS and UNHCR. Inforgaphics

February 04, 2016 17:15 0 2067
Along with the main activity in the second half of 2015 CrimeaSOS implemented UNHCR Individual Protection Assistance program for displaced families.
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Under the program, an individual one-time non-financial assistance was provided to 122 families from the east and Crimea who belong to vulnerable categories, find themselves in a difficult life situation and/or have faced the risk or rights violations. Assistance was given only to those families who previously attempted to solve their problems in all possible ways (appeals to government programs, other NGOs, etc.), but they failed for some reasons.

The program operated in three regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv and Kherson. CrimeaSOS team determined the candidates for the assistance by calls on CrimeaSOS hotline, during monitoring visits as well as redirect requests from other organizations. The recipients of emergency assistance were families who meet one of the following criteria:

  • large families (with three or more children);
  • persons with disabilities or chronic diseases;
  • single parents;
  • unaccompanied minors and elderly people living alone;
  • victims of gender-based violence;
  • persons who are in urgent need of medical care;
  • newly arrived families / individuals (those who arrived during the first 45 days after departure from the zone ATO/Crimea);
  • family/person in a critical financial situation.

From the period of 1 July to 31 December 2015 the program helped a number of displaced families in the following areas:

  • specific assistive devices for people with special needs – 6 families;
  • partial coverage of medical expenses (medicine, diagnostic, surgery etc.) – 33;
  • basic (household) items and livelihood support  – 45;
  • winter non-food items (heaters, blankets, winter clothes and shoes) – 32;
  • other (i.e. coverage of funeral expenses, shelter, school uniform and baby kits) – 6.

Thus through the emergency assistance program CrimeaSOS and UNHCR managed to provide timely and much-needed support to the most vulnerable IDPs.


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