Healthcare in the occupied Crimea - REPORT

August 06, 2018 11:09
What’s going on in Crimea after the annexation? We are used to talking on political and economic consequences of annexation, but it is important to remember that life on the peninsula is not confined to those dimensions. It is important to look closer on the Crimeans’ everyday life for the deeper understanding of the extent of the problem. There are millions of lives appeared to be at the junction of political-military ambitions of Russian Federation. In this report, we are overviewing changes in the health care system in Crimea, determined by the introduction of the Russian standards and approaches on the peninsula.

The report is based on the results of our monitoring visits and interviews with the workers of the medical sphere, patients of the medical establishments, as well as on the information published in the open sources. Among the sources, there are doctors’ and patients’, human rights activists’ and pro-Russia officials’ evidences, media content, and interviews. A multiple approach in this report’s generation provides the broadest picture of what is happening on the backstage of the free-will acceptance of the Republic Crimea to the Russian Federation.

The negative implications of the introduction of the Russian health care system on the peninsula are mentioned in all of the sources we are considering, despite the official statements of the de facto authorities. On the reports by the so called Ministry of Health of Crimea, there are regular reports on the reduction in mortality along with the declining number of hospitals. That is interesting in one’s way: it is not that common to report on the reduction in mortality for the first and foremost. It is usually reported on the population increase, the rise in births, and the healthcare facilities functioning on a first-priority basis, — factors the health care system influence primarily. But the metastasis of the Soviet faith in the glorious future, this pseudo-medical heritage of the reduction in mortality reporting, – it appears in papers signed in the post-Soviet world. While reducing mortality incessantly, and delusively approaching eternity in the glorious future, the Russian health care system neglects Crimeans’ lives; with its negligence, the system not only causes problems in the whole medical sphere but also leads to the fatal cases.

On the reduction in mortality while the interminable health care system breakdown, read here in the CrimeaSOS’ report.

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