Overview of the situation in Crimea. October 2018

November 19, 2018 15:21
On October 17, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov opened fire at Kerch polytechnic college, detonated a homemade bomb and shot himself. The shooting resulted in 21 deaths, 73 injured people and one suicide attempt of a person close to the shooting victim; On October 6, the political prisoner, Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov ended his hunger strike which had lasted 145 days; On October 27, the meeting of the Crimean solidarity human rights initiative was interrupted by the arrival of the officials of the “Centre E” (Russian main department for counteracting extremism), the de facto police and the representatives of the “prosecutor’s office”; On October 23, it became known that in Armyansk the specialists from the Saint Petersburg research institute of hematology and transfusiology of the FASO (Federal agency for scientific organizations) were collecting special material for research – lost hair and fallen out teeth of the local residents

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