Overview of the situation in Crimea. January-December 2018

December 30, 2018 13:26
In 2018 the human rights situation has sharply deteriorated on the territory of the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula. This deterioration is indicated, in particular, by the quantitative index of violations which grew to a terrifying extent even in comparison with the previous 2017 year. Among the major tendencies of 2018 it is important to note the significant increase in pressure on advocates, human rights activists and citizen journalists; the spreading practices of persecution of women and whole families; the widespread and frequent charging with criminal and administrative offences for Internet posts. Moreover, the administrative border has become more dangerous – the cases of unlawful arrests and of violence against people whom the Russian secret services consider disloyal have been recurrently happening at the border. A lot of Crimean residents have had to leave the peninsula because of the high intensity of persecution. Besides, the human rights violations in Crimea go far beyond political and ethnic oppression; a large number of the peninsula residents suffered from the ecological disaster in Armyansk in August 2018, although the de facto authorities have been concealing the truth about the accident from the people.

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