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Monitoring of human rights and legal assistance to IDPs

September 29, 2015 14:32 0 10441
Protection Monitoring of International Displacement in Ukraine, Community-Based Protection and Legal Assistance to IDPs

Donor: Regional Representation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (UNHCR)

Project implementation period: March — December 2015

Since June 2014 CrimeaSOS has been the UNHCR implementing partner. The project aims at legal aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs), protection and development of IDPs communities. The project also aims at promotion of systemic changes in legislation and institutional system of protection and assistance to IDPs.


The main directions of the project

1. The development and strengthening of legislation and public policy (advocacy).

It involves analysis, preparation of legislation or changes to existing legal acts and strategic documents and recommendations to state authorities. Promotion of developed changes is carried out.

2. Improving access to legal assistance and legal protection issues for the IDPs.

Within this framework, IDPs get individual legal advice, participate in trainings in the field of law and protection issues, can get individual assistance.

3. Protection of IDPs from the effects of armed conflict with a focus on the protection of vulnerable categories of the population.

A network of lawyers work in exact regions and regularly monitor legal protection.

4. Reducing the risks in the area of gender-based violence and child protection.

Counseling, fixing of the cases and transfer to specialized institutions is carried out.

5. Strengthening and expanding the mobilization of local communities.

Within this direction, CrimeaSOS implements a grant program to support initiatives in community life participation; enhance community mobilization by organizing a variety of training courses, workshops and other joint activities.

6. Individual Protection Assistance for IDPs

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