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QirimInfo information center

September 28, 2015 15:22 0 18879
Coverage of events in Crimea and associated with Crimea

Donors: Solidarity Fund PL, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland)

Project implementation period: from May 2015

Due to the fightings in eastern Ukraine problems of Crimea are increasingly marginalized. Moreover, the position "east at first, then Crimea" is becoming widely common. In this regard, an information center QirimInfo was established on the basis of CrimeaSOS social initiative.

The main purpose of the information centre is monitoring the situation in Crimea, including monitoring of human rights and the return of Crimea in the political and media discourse by preparing analytical and informational materials.

QirimInfo illuminates the Crimean events as well as events and processes associated with Crimea on CrimeaSOS website and in Ukrainian and foreign mass media. Also QirimInfo contacts with Ukrainian and foreign journalists, who need help in covering the situation in Crimea.

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