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Interactive map of human rights violations in the Crimea

December 29, 2015 15:52 0 29895
Map that fixs the massive violations, including kidnapping, illegal detention and abuse of the Crimean Tatars, activists, journalists and others.

Donor: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine

Project implementation period: November 2015 to today

The situation with human rights in Crimea has severely deteriorated since Russia began its occupation. In particular the authorities have targeted the Crimean Tatar community, a Muslim ethnic minority that is native to the Crimean peninsula and that has openly opposed Russia’s occupation. At the same time the authorities encouraged widespread abuses implicated in enforced disappearances and unlawful detention and ill-treatment of Crimean Tatars, activists, journalists, and other individuals who are perceived to be pro-Ukrainian.

The interactive map illustrates the above-mentioned violations. It is based on reliable media content monitoring and human rights watchdogs’ reports. As of 29 December 2015 198 cases of human rights violations in the Crimea are recorded on the map.

The purpose of the map is to show the world community the human rights situation in the Crimea, to urge international human rights organizations to work on the temporarily occupied territory and to contribute to the development of Ukraine's strategy on protection citizens who live under occupation.

The partners of the project are Crimean human rights group, CF "The Right to protection" and the Center for Civil Liberties.

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