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Psychological help

July 09, 2015 11:06 0 17220
Psychological support and assistance for internally displaced persons to adapt to the local community

Donor: Embassy of the Czech Republic

Project implementation period: July — November 2015

It is hard for any person to part with native home. Especially it is hard for those who leave their towns not by their will, but because of life threat or disagreement with the established political situation. Considering this fact, CrimeaSOS has launched a project of psychological support of displaced families from Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

The project goal is to provide psychological support to those families who have difficulties in adapting to a new city and society. In addition, the research of psychological problems faced by IDPs is conducted n the framework of the project .

In general, the project aims not only at providing targeted psychological support, but also at introducing into our society a culture of treatment to qualified psychologists when necessary.

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