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Consolidation of efforts for the long-term strategic programs for IDPs

August 03, 2015 13:30 0 29594
Creating a space for national coordination and information exchange for IDPs’ integration.

Project donor: the US Agency for International Development (USAID) 

Project implementation period: July 2015 — August 2016, November 2016 — March 2017

 The project is implemented within the framework of Ukrainian Confidence Building initiative (UCBI) and includes five components:

1. Work of IDPs hub "House of free people" which was opened in August 2015. This is an unique space for complex assistance to internally displaced persons on the principle of a single window. The coalition of hub "House of free people" consists of such organizations - CrimeaSOS, Vostok-SOS and Free people Employment Center. NGO "New Donbass" came out of the coalition, but will continue to cooperate with the coalition members in a different formats.

Every day various activities for communities are held in the hub. Also the free services for dozens of IDPs are provided each day. Read more HERE.

2. Carrying out of various advocacy activities (press-conferences, working groups with partners, meetings with representatives of the authorities, the work on improvement of legislation, awareness-raising campaigns, research and analytical work). From November 2016 the work with the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons in Ukraine has been launched - information and consulting support.

In May 2016 a training from the international expert Lyal S. Sunga was held for representatives of public organizations and state bodies.

In September 2015 an International Conference "Consolidating of efforts for long-term strategic programs for IDPs: international experience and implementation in Ukraine" was held with participation of foreign and Ukrainian experts on IDPs, as well as representatives of the public sector.

3. Community development program. The program was launched on the basis of study tours of community activists working with IDPs in the regions to share experiences and consolidate efforts in 2015. In 2016 the number of activities were carried out:

  • NGO Camp (March 30 - April 1, 2016): 3-day training (international expert Yang Tsihlinsky) - the basic features of CDP approach, practical exercises and tips from the coach for implementing the approach in the field. Members - 10 non-governmental organizations and initiatives that have passed the preliminary selection;
  • mentoring program for participants of NGO Camp (April 2016): online consultations from an expert;
  • grant competition for IDPs assistance program (using CDP approach) for participants of NGO Camp (April - May 2016) 5 Grants of 50 000 UAH;
  • mentoring program for the winners of the grant competition (June - July 2016).

You can read more about the implemented projects of public initiatives here.

Since November 2016 the work directly with communities in the regions has been carried out :

  • Monitoring visits;
  • Community activities;
  • Financial support for initiatives (purchase of materials for the project);
  • best practices workshop (March 2017).

4. Support of IDPs self-employment through the training and mentoring programs: 

  • March 11 — Business Forum for IDPs (more about the results of the forum can be found here);
  • April — two training business camps: the first one — for the IDPs who have already started their own businesses, and the second one — for the IDPs, who are planning to start their own business;
  • April-May — mentoring program for participants of the business of the camp;
  • April-May — grant competition (5 best business projects received grant support to start a business (equipment worth 50 thousand UAH)).

In 2015 two business camp were carried out (read about them in Ukranian here and here), mentoring support and grant competition, which resulted in receiving of grants for business development by 5 IDPs.

5. Information activities — the project of success stories of IDPs. The documentary "From zero" was released. It tells about people who were forced to leave their homes, but found the strength not just to resume a normal life, but also to start their own business from scratch in a new place. In addition, several training manuals and articles on the opening and development of business were published (August-October 2016). Read the instructions here.

The results of the work of House of free people can be found in Ukranian herehere and here.


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