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July 29, 2015 11:01 0 40927
Resource Center for assistance to internally displaced persons from eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea

The idea of the Resource Center for IDPs is to combine the efforts of social initiatives and the Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights for the effective help to those who were forced to leave their homes in Crimea and eastern regions.

Resource Center brings together the Secretariat of the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, NGO "CrimeaSOS", "No Borders Project" ("Social Action Centre" NGO), "House of Friends" initiative, NGO "Center for Civic Education “Almenda”", NGO "Free People Employment Center", All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Right to Protection", Charitable Foundation "ROKADA", NGO "Crimean Diaspora", “Kit for refugees" social initiative, NGO "Center for Civil Liberties".

 The main goals of the project are:

  • constructive combination in the most efficient way, the efforts of public initiatives and efforts of the government in solving the problems of internally displaced persons;
  • advocacy of the effective steps towards solving the problems with public authorities and international organizations;
  • assistance in fulfilling humanitarian and legal needs of internally displaced persons in safe regions;
  • preparation of proposals to the regulatory framework and guidelines for developing and implementing long-term strategies to help internally displaced persons and their integration;
  • efforts in promoting the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons and citizens of Ukraine, who remained in the occupied territories and dangerous:
  • analytical work and broad information campaign running for improving the situation with internally displaced persons.
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