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Joint overcoming the consequences of war

July 25, 2015 17:35 0 19176
Organization of training workshops for representatives of civil society in Ukraine

Project donor:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Project implementation period: May — December 2015

CrimeaSOS together with the "German-Russian Exchange" NGO conduct six training seminars for representatives of civil society of Ukraine in the period from 1 April to 31 January 2015 in the framework of the "Joint overcoming the consequences of war" project. The project aims to support the Ukrainian community in overcoming the consequences of war and to counter conflicts, as well as contribute to the stabilization of the Ukrainian society.

Seminars help to improve the skills and prepare the trainers and professionals in the following areas:

  • help to internally displaced persons, traumatized by war, and prevention of burnout;
  • methods to counter domestic violence as a consequence of the war;
  • integration of internally displaced persons and social work with them;
  • anti-discrimination activities;
  • building a dialogue and reconciliation with the help of forum-theater;
  • providing psychological assistance to people, traumatized by war, and victims of torture.

The seminar are held by German, Georgian, Armenian, Bosnian, Ukrainian and Russian (Chechen) representatives of civil society, who are experts in their respective areas. Thus there is a focus exchange of experiences between representatives of civil society in these countries and Ukrainian activists of non-governmental sector.

In addition, individual members of the project will go to Berlin, where they will establish contacts with the representatives of civil society in Germany, as well as inform the German public about the activities of Ukrainian social organizations and the current situation in Ukraine (including the presentation of the theatre play developed during the project).

As a result, the project members will present the play they prepared in the framework of the project and a brochure about the psychological trauma, aimed at combating stigmatization of psychotherapeutic treatment.

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