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Discharged after collection of passport data: Police in Rostov arrested acitivists of Krymskaya Solidarnost

March 11, 2019 12:02 0 1376
The police arrested a group of four Crimean Tatars who travelled to Rostov-on-Don to attend the trial for the „Hizb ut-Tahrir Case“.

This was reported by activists of the NGO „Krymskaya Solidarnost“ („Crimean Solidarity“).

On Monday at 00:20, March 11, the car of Ali Seytablayev, Ridvan Memetov, Emin Rustemov, Marlen Kadyrov was stopped while on the way to Rostov-on-Don. All oft hem are activists of „Krymskaya Solidarnost“.

The police staff in charge searched the car, checked and saved passport data, confiscated documents and requested them to follow to the local police department. At 00:50 the car drove towards the police station, following a police car.

Later, Russian police discharged the arrestees after having saved all passport data on the department’s data base.

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