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First preliminary court session in Ilmi Umerov’s case carried out

May 31, 2017 13:56 0 2197 QirimInfo
The court declined all four petitions filed by the party of defense.

Today, on May 31, the first preliminary session of the court in the framework of Ilmi Umerov’s case took place in Simferopol. Lawyer Edem Semedlyayev told this in a comment for QirimInfo.

The lawyer told that the party of defense filed four petitions, which were later declined by the court.

«The first petition was to postpone the court session in connection with the fact that two lawyers out of three were absent at the court session as they were on a business trip», – the lawyer told.

The court declined the petition having motivated this decision by stating Umerov had one lawyer thus his right to defense hadn’t been violated.

The defense also petitioned for the exclusion of evidence – the record of interrogation of lawyer Mykola Polozov, whom they involved as a witness, thus preventing him from representing defendant Ilmi Umerov as his lawyer in court.

«The third petition was to terminate the criminal case – it was very big, grounded by the fact that the Crimea hadn’t been recognized as the territory of the Russia Federation – only six countries had recognized this, like Afghanistan, Syria, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. Correspondingly, the crime they are trying to incriminate to Umerov never happened», – Semedlyayev told.

The lawyer added that Ilmi Umerov had filed one more petition, as renowned HR lawyer Alexander Podrabinek had claimed his willingness to represent him in court. The court left this petition without satisfaction as well, wishing to see «the original passport» of the famous Russian human rights lawyer in order to make sure he exists, and then to take a decision on this issue.

The next court session is scheduled on June 7. It will be an open trial.

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